17 April, 2008

Once Upon a Time

Coming up in July, I am going home! By then, it will be a year and a half since I've been home. Seems like an eternity away. Things I am looking forward to:

Gabriel Brothers (with no tax on clothing)
Green grass!
Hills, real trees, and winding roads!
The beat up farm house I grew up in

Bare feet
Unlocked doors
Crickets in the basement
Warm rain
D&K Surplus grocery
Mom's food!

....and a whole list of other things. Home is an escape from my reality.
I left home hoping that I would be able to leave everything behind and never have to face it again. 'I am bigger than there'. But, after leaving and spending some time away, I have realized that home is what made me who I am. It's not really time to escape it, but build on what I will become! I am so excited!