26 July, 2008

Home Sweet Home

So, I got to go home for our first ever (maybe only) family reunion! It was so nice to be home finally! I love Pennsylvania. The air is fresh and clean. There are so many little things that make me love it!

D&K Grocery
Gabriel Brothers ($100)
Root's Auction
The old Farm House I grew up in
Green winding, up and down roads
Hosing off in the back yard to cool down
Family everywhere
Just being in the familiar yard and house

My sister did an oldest to youngest picture set-up on her blog and I liked it, so I'll be doing that soon enough, but sadly, for some reason, my computer won't upload any pictures to here, or to facebook. As soon as I can, I'll post some pictures

10 July, 2008

Keys Please, Take 2!

Alright, so...after my last excursion with my keys, the next day, I went a bought a magnet key holder for under my car. Since my last wonderful experience, I put the magnet on my refrigerator, in hopes that I might remember it and put it under my car. About 2 weeks ago, I took it out to my car and put it in my car. Last night, I did it again. I locked my keys in my car, again, last night. And where was my magnet?????

...Needless to say, it's under my car now, FINALLY!