13 November, 2009


So, as creepy as I know everyone says it is...but, Callista is my brand new baby Python! For my birthday, Ryan purchased her for me. I have wanted one ever since high school when my physics teacher brought his baby python in to show the class. We picked her up on November 8, 2009 and we fed her a thawed fuzzy mouse for the first time the other day. She lives in my living room! My 3 roommates were hesitant to agree with me that it was a great idea, and after only one week, they all love her! Kat has only held her twice, and Tacie was very welcoming the first day. Jamie took 2 days, but now holds her all the time. Here are some pictures!

We measured her at about 20-21 inches....it wasn't easy to do!

This is the home we built for her. This is practically a mansion to her. At the pet store, her cage was about 1 foot tall, maybe 8inches deep and wide.

...............The First Time Feeding!.........................


She's our new best friend, and will become about 4-6 feet and live roughly 10-15 years!