12 June, 2008

Keys Please!!

It would turn out, that every time my best friend comes into town, I end up with some sort of adventure, and somehow, it always ends up having something or another to do with keys! I don't know how or why!?! Once we got ourselves locked behind gates after a business had closed and used our cars to push ourselves out of the back over some rocks.

Another time, I went to his abode, and lost my car keys, spent loads of money paying to buy a new one. The locksmith had to take my entire car door apart in order to get the code to make a new key. I ended up not getting back in time to go to work that day and spending a lot more money than I had intended to!
And my most recent encounter!:
Since losing my car key, I made 2 spares. One, I kept in my purse in case I lost my keys in my house or otherwise, which I have used, and another in the ashtray of my car as a last backup. Plus the main key for my car on my keyring! So, THE story!
Ryan, my best friend, and I went to the Springville power tumbling gym last weekend. I, in all my wisdom, left my purse in my car so that i wouldn't need to leave it unattended at the gym. I grabbed my keys from the ignition, hit the locks and got out. 'Bout and hour and half later, I went to get my phone from my car to take some pictures and videos and such to find my car key missing!!!...DUN DUN DUN. I searched for the next hour and a half for my car key and after trying to break into my car, gave up and caught a ride home. The next morning, my sister who loves me so much, Bekah, drove down to Provo and took us to Springville. As I pulled in, and hopped out, in the glorious daylight, I could see my one, single, lone key sitting under the Emergency Brake....GO FIGURE! I have one of those key rings that is a hinge, and it somehow or another popped off my keyring. After trying our best in all sorts of tactics to unlock the door with a coat hanger, and other such devices, we jimmy-rigged the coat hanger in the passengers door and rolled the window down enough to squeeze my arm inside. Unlock the door and sing praises! That same day, I invested in a magnet to hold my key on the bottom of my car....where is it???....still sitting on my refrigerator. I am cruising for it to happen again, I just know it! Like I said, an adventure with him every time!