14 December, 2008

A Seattle Birthday!

So, I turned 21 on November 1st and had a blast! Ryan's birthday is the day after mine, and he turned 24. So, for our birthday, we packed our bags and headed to Seattle to see the the Seahawks battle the Eagles. It was so much fun! We went to this really neat science museum where we got to do all sorts of fun stuff!

Arrival at the airport!

These big blue disks were so neat! If you whispered into the little loop the person standing where the camera is (where another blue disk is) can hear you! And then you put your ear up to the loops, and you can hear them! So neat!

There was this cool duck that ate out of our hands!

We also mosied on over to Pike Place Market, where we got to see them throw a few fish! Also fun to watch!

Ryan's family threw us a combined birthday party! It was so great! I love them, they are so thoughtful!

The cake with our names on it!

And of course the game!

Oh yeah, and just so you know...We had killer seats!!

I had such a blast! It was such a good day! I had the best time and definitely didn't want to go home..oh well! It was amazing!


m3ng said...

I don't think I officially wished you a Happy Birthday, so here it is!

Happy Birthday!!

=) belated of course

Seattle stadium is one of my favorites. I actually have a digital painting of it for Madden NFL 09 that I will be posting soon on my blog...

Rachel said...

Sweet, I'll watch for it!

bekahp said...

Happy happy birthday children dear... except, I already wished you happy birthday on your birthday. I'm glad it was a good one!

Alternative polka said...

Happy birthday almost 2 months late. I told you it early and late. ha ha ha, hope that somehow compinsates.