29 September, 2008

LA: Picture Packed!

So, for vacation this year, my best friend, Ryan, and I went to LA. We had a BLAST! I couldn't believe that we had to come home so soon. We were there for 5 days. The drive, not so great. 9 hours in a car to and from...gag! Next time I fly! So, on our first day there, we went straight to 6 flags. No stopping to drop our stuff off or anything.

After 6 Flags, we hit up Sea World! That was super cool! I think I took the most pictures here. We had such a blast!


Ryan has this dream of swimming with dolphins in Florida, and so the dolphin show was by far his favorite part. I thought I had taken a little boy to Sea World with me!

We got Drenched!

Of course, I had my fair share of acting like a little girl. The bat rays were MY favorite part of Sea World!

After Sea World, Ryan surprised me with tickets to see Wicked In Hollywood! Best gift in the world! He had been telling me that he had a big surprise for me for weeks...ever since we started planning the trip! I was beaming for hours!! Here are some pictures from our Hollywood trip!

I needed to cuddle up to Elvis!

...And maybe a little Johnny Depp, please and thank you!

Everytime we took a picture with someone dressed up, they were super sweet until you started to walk away. "Please, don't forget to tip"!

After Hollywood, the main event: Disneyland. I have to say, Disneyland is great, but Ryan and I both agreed that we our one day pass was plenty. We had a great time, but we saw everything we wanted to see!

Entering Disneyland!

On Splash Mountain!

In front of Splash Mountain!

Sweet! My very own personal Indiana Jones!

You cannot go to somewhere like this and NOT eat Cotton Candy!

I had to BEG BEG BEG to go on the Tea Cups...It took a lot of begging!

Space Mountain, our favorite! The ride is so disorienting and almost pitch black

And....Leaving Disneyland :(

We hit up Downtown Disney while we were there too. Not too much to see, just Leggoland...and I thought I had taken a little boy for the dolphin show....little did I know... ;)

We also went to the beach once, on our way out, and spent a couple hours there, but nothing to great. I have always been terrified of the ocean....Afraid of under-toes...No reason in particular. Anyhow, so, I didn't go in too far. Ryan went in once. The water was icy-butt-freaking-cold!

24 September, 2008

Home town Videos

Here are some video clips that I took while at home. My sisters will all kill me for posting these, but since right now, for the most part, they are the only ones who know that my blog exists except for a few odds and ends...No harm done :)....And sorry about the fact that I am incompetent and didn't turn my camera the right way!

23 September, 2008

Alright, Alright!

Ok, Ok, Ok...I have been putting of blogging for really long! I keep telling myself it will get done. So, keep your eyes open for a few new posts the next couple days...

So, My trip home was amazing! I love Pennsylvania so much and I miss it already. I hope that in the future, my kids will get to visit their Grandparents and think of it fondly like I do. One of the things I did while I was home was take on the Roots adventure. "Roots" (pronounced the Pennsylvanian way with the "oo" sounding like foot) is an open, old fashioned market selling all sorts of goodies from fresh picked fruit, to cow's tongues, to pig stomachs, to sunglasses, kites, luggage, and all sorts of plain old JUNK. It's open every Tuesday. On Tuesday Evening and into the night, there is a food auction where they auction off all sorts of bulk food items to the highest bidder, usually being the person willing to top 50 cents. I have many memories of this beautiful place filled with all sorts of lovely smelling Amish...and their delicious home baked goods. Just writing this is making me nostalgic.
This is my sister in law MicaAnd my sister Jenny